How to do a telephone Windows activation.
Make sure to remove Windows completely from the old.
Of course, as is the case with Microsoft, it's more complicated to transfer Windows than it should.
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If we have an old PC we don't use, or that doesn't work anymore, we might be able to transfer Windows to a new PC and have a legitimate Windows installation without buying a new license.You will need to reboot your PC and redo the process.With a Retail license, we can transfer Windows just fine, and we won't have a problem with the activation on the new.If we have bought a retail version of Windows, we will find the product key inside the DVD box if we got a physical Disc, or probably in an email for digital purchases.If that code exists, then Windows knows that the computer was manufactured by that OEM, and verifies it against the activation file.Every Windows license - excluding Enterprise volume licensing - can only be installed on a single.Transfer Windows to a new PC, after we use our product key to install Windows on our new PC, if we have a retail Windows license, it will automatically activate when we connect to the Internet.We will get a toll free number, and a 63 digit long Installation.For Windows 7 that came preinstalled on an old PC, we will find the product key on a sticker, usually underneath a laptop or on the side of the tower on a desktop.If we don't have a Windows installation medium, we can download Windows ISOs for free.Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix.

Microsoft's servers still retain the old PC's Hardware Identification (hwid) connected to our product key.
Find the Windows Product Key in Any Version of Windows.
The above website will only work with retail Windows 7 product keys.
Did you manage to transfer Windows?
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