transformers prime beast hunters season 3 episode 13

18 In an interview with MTV, Frank Welker (Megatron when comparing Prime in the TV series to the original cartoon, said that the writers "go deeper into the evil side of Megatron and whats driving him." 19 In a different interview, Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime.
The trio had to GroundBridge back to base without their leader.
Unlike most of his peers, who do pdf converter software full version were hue-shifted into different colors, Bumblebee seems to look exactly the same as he always does.Radish, Christina (May 7, 2013).In the aftermath Bumblebee's team was left with the majority of Steeljaw's team as prisoners.For the video game, see.Other members include Starscream, Soundwave and his minion Laserbeak, Knock Out, Breakdown, Airachnid, the Insecticon hive led by Hardshell, Dreadwing and his brother Skyquake, and Shockwave.Before long, they stepped through the GroundBridge once again, directly into Unicron himself.Arcee promptly went out on patrol, taking Bumblebee with her and leaving Bulkhead in charge." Transformers - Prime : Season Two".Operation Bumblebee, Part 1 My precious.Robots in Disguise # 3 When Grimlock and Strongarm were tracking a Decepticon whom Fixit identified as Flamefeather, Bumblebee headed out to join them with Denny.

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Bumblebee and the others were held up by traffic while Grimlock and Fixit fought the two Decepticons.
Optimus Maximus commercial Optimus, Bumblebee, Boulder and Predaking attended a pool party with various entities from other universes.
Bumblebee also stood around a lot while Bulkhead proved that "Wheeljack" was a Decepticon spy and the real Wheeljack turned.
According to the Autobits version of " Darkmount, NV Frank Welker records words for Bumblebee, which are then replaced with the character's normal beeping sounds.They tracked Flamefeather to the Fun-A-Rama amusement park where they managed to capture their quarry before the morning crowds showed.Unable to transform, he became more and more testy despite the attempts of Raf to cheer him.Tunnel Vision They returned to base to find Bulkhead critically injured after his mission, and Bumblebee and Arcee helped get the Wrecker to the medical bay.Goldman, Eric; Fowler, Matt (January 3, 2011).Fortunately, Air Raid finally arrived and killed the Heavy Soldiers about to execute them.On one such supply convoy, Bumblebee ran defensive reconnaissance to protect the convoy from Decepticon attack."Hasbro's 2011 Transformers : Prime First Edition Action Figures".Ratchet was recording what Bumblebee saw though, and because they had the cure, Arcee disconnected Bumblebee and GroundBridged back to base.