Map Reading and Land Navigation, January 2005 FM 3-28.
The Army Public Affairs serial key and crack Program R 380-5.
Army Leadership R 611-6 Army Linguist Management 16 February 1996 AR 614-10.
The Modular Force January 2008 FM 3-01.80.Religious Support and External Advisement, January 2019, aTP 1-05.04.Military Intelligence Civilian Excepted Career Program, 20 February 2008 AR 715-30 Secure Environment Contracting (Draft) AR 900-1.The Army, September 2012, aDP 1-02.Foot Marches, April 2017 ATP 3-24.3.Military History Operations February 2003 FM 2-0.

A poorly designed and executed physical fitness program hurts morale.
Chemical Accident or Incident Response and Assistance (caira) Operations forscom PAM 380-1.
Army Leadership August 2012 ADP 7-0.Patriot Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures, August 2006 FM 3-04.Religious Support and the Operations Process, May 2014, aTP 1-05.02.Electronic Warfare, November 2012 FM 3-37.Brigade Support Battalion, August 2010 FMI 4-93.41.Leaders should also continually assess their units to determine which specific components of fitness they lack.Army Nuclear and Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction Agency, 24 September 2008 AR 10-25.S.Army Training and Doctrine Command's Mission Command Center of Excellence, has developed FM 6-22.Offense and Defense, August 31, 2012 (superseded by ADP 3-90 ) ATP 3-90.15.The Army in Multinational Operations, April 2014 FM 3-19.13.Comcam - Multi-Service Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for Combat Camera Operations, May 2007 (superseded by ATP 3-55.12, April 2013) FM 3-55.93.Leaders should regularly measure the physical fitness level of every soldier to evaluate his progress and determine the success of the units program.Army Capstone Concept, 19 December 2012 PAM 525-3-1.Multi-Service Techniques for Civil Affairs Support to Foreign Humanitarian Assistance, February 2013 ATP 3-57.30.