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The hunger games book 2 audiobook

the hunger games book 2 audiobook

I won't give any other spoilers than what has already been said.
That being said, I would recommend it for anyone 13 of book any reading taste or background: as a audiobook bookseller and a recent library school graduate, these are the books I find easiest to book recommend to anyone I meet.
In a world of limited resources, the despotic government run by the Capitol keeps its citizens in line by separating them into Districts and reinforcing severe class separations.The hunger novel begins on the day of the "reaping when each District must select two tributes, one male and one female, to represent them in the Hunger Games.Image type please selectProduction or behind the scenes photosConcept artworkCoverCD/DVD/Media scansScreen capture/Screenshot.Every chapter ends with almost a cliffhanger feeling.Tags: Carolyn McCormick, games Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games.They have won the Games, but the Gamemakers rescind the rule about dual audiobook victors.But their strongest tool to promote disunion and to discourage rebellion is the Hunger Games: a yearly event where two tributes from each district are pitted against each other for the country to watch on television.Katniss and Peeta escape by climbing to higher ground, while the other tribute falls and is tortured by the creatures.The relationship is made even more fraught when Peeta confesses book during a live interview that he has a crush on Katniss.If you can't read this book in one sitting, then I urge you not to even look at it until you can. When Prim is selected as the female tribute, Katniss offers herself as volunteer and is allowed to serve as tribute dragon alongside Peeta, sensation a middle class boy from the district.
It has michel sci-fi and politics yet, unlike a lot of books on the market, they are not "in your face" and are completely approachable.
This time, I promised myself, I would only look at the first chapter and then put it down.
When they are brought out to the audience again, Haymitch warns Katniss that she needs to overplay the lovers angle as a defense for her threat to commit suicide, which the Capitol considers an vacuum act of rebellion.The wasp stings produce learn hallucinations, which slow her down and almost cost her her life, until Peeta helps her to escape.The medicine cures Peeta, and they spend more time growing closer in the cave.The remainder of Part One of the novel follows the children as they are both trained for the brutal games and groomed to portray a certain image for the audience.People Magazine catching Fire not only lived up to my high expectations, conversations it surpassed them.Ever since her father's death, she has been the family provider, hunting illegally in the woods outside the district with games her friend thomas Gale.Katniss lives with her mother and younger sister Prim in District 12, the poorest of the districts.