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Its the fastest and most intuitive app Ive tried, while retaining the basic PDF markup and editing features most people need.
And the app is able to export a PDF to common Microsoft and Apple formats, as well as a bunch of arcade game apps for ipad 3 less-used formats.
If youve ever had to work with PDFs, youll know that making anything more than the most minor edit archive manual ro users is a pain.
Being the best-in-class at PDF conversion, the app isnt cheap, costing 149.99 for a license.
It has several restrictions, ads supported and installs the ASK toolbar unless you opt-out during setup.It was used to print complex page layouts accurately on laser printers, and became very popular, especially with the rise of desktop publishing later that decade.The app has extensive export options which you can tweak to create the exact output you are looking for.It no longer supports Windows 98/2000.Submitted by Moltke.Its quite easy to create a PDF from a document.

But for professionals who need the most powerful editor, Acrobat DC remains the best option.
Submitted by Jojo Yee.
It supports importing multiple images to one single PDF file as multiple pages, and edit title, author, subject and keywords for created PDF files.
March 2016 - 2:26 (126074) Thanks hobbzilla.From left to right, you can highlight, underline and strikeout text, use a pen, eraser, text or shapes, or add a note, stamp, signature or make a selection.I know this "new feature" will not make most users too happy.Its also easy to rearrange or change images.April :35 (121920) I am using both Bullzip and pdfcreator for testing.

PDF writers, suggested by readers, that were either not free or were limited time trials and basically adware (the product was free but forced the user to endure various ads as a punishment for using it).