Sika roofing paint and, sika wall paints, Sika primers and, sika sealants are popular both with those doing up their homes and across various industries, particularly areas with specialist requirements such as schools, hospitals and food manufacturers.
Sikalastic polyurea systems are ideally suited to the waterproofing of podium deck slabs and compatible with.
Sika, quartz sand is also a popular product to use with other.
From, sika paint through to Sikafloor system products, expanding foam, render, mortar, resin, sand, wall coatings and more, Sika is at the forefront of specialist products for building, contracting, refurbishment and vehicle markets.
It can be used for low pressure injection of cracks in structural concrete and solid masonry.Get your next demolition job done quickly and safely, without the mess.Focusing on problem solving products, Sika have a diverse and wide-ranging product portfolio.As strong as concrete, for use with a standard caulk gun.Sika 's 16,000 employees generate annual sales in excess of 3 billion.For a stable wall, use 3 to increase height to 16cm- stacking them in opposite directions.

Structural waterproofing is a speciality product area for.
Sika, with innovative and market leading flexible membrane systems, coatings, waterproofing admixtures for concrete and injection grouting.
Just lay in place and let the water do the rest.
Sikadur, crack, weld, injection, kit is a two-component fast curing epoxy sealing system for repairing structural cracks in concrete and masonry.
Use around doorways, garages, leaking tanks, construction projects, anywhere water is a problem.Ideal for foundations, floors, columns, slabs and beams.Results typically occur within 24 hours, cracks may start to appear within 2 hours, depending on temperatures.Fast to apply, nero vision express crack full crack -bridging, polyurethane and polyurea based liquid membranes.Sika 's products might not always be visible but the results they achieve are clear to see.Sika work with a four year strategy to increase market penetration through the development of innovative new products, acquisitions of complementary businesses and accelerated growth in emerging markets.From the new European Central Bank in Frankfurt all the way across the globe to the Waterview Connection Tunnel in New Zealand Sika is making its mark on the world.This, coupled with Sika Values, will help them to achieve a steady annual growth and increased sales in new areas.Dont forget that its always worth checking back for price changes when searching for your Sika product so you dont miss out on the best deal.These materials are applied on prepared / primed external concrete surfaces by spraying and provide excellent solutions for complex detailing.Welds cracks by forming a chemical bond.No noise, dust, vibrations, fly rock, fumes or any other environmental pollution so it is ideal for sensitive jobs, big or small.Ecobust Breaks Rock and Concrete in just 3 Easy Steps, Drill, Mix, Pour and watch it Bust!Sika 's leading products online is, sikagard 203W, also known as Steridex, a single component acrylic resin based intermediate and surface coating.