Do not mix old and new batteries.
Caution: Before use, ensure the rated voltage of the adapter matches your local voltage.
Battery replacement crack for the game laxius force ii zinc) or rechargeable When the batteries become weak, the cadmium) batteries.
This indicator will blink at slow speed.Using an AC adapter other than the one supplied with the unit may damage the If you are not going to use the unit for a long time, disconnect the AC unit.Press standby/ON button to turn on the unit.Remove left and right stand adapters as shown in (B) below.Drill the screws (not supplied) into the wall carefully.Optical IN / level indicator.Place the Wall Mount Template (included) on the wall and then mark the locations of the screw holes.Dripping or splashing and that no Connect the equipment into an outlet objects filled with liquid, such as vases, on a circuit different from that to which shall be placed on the unit.If the unit fails to conform to this warranty, we will service the product using new or refurbished parts and products, at AVCs sole discretion.

This device complies with Part 15 of the.
Determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is jurassic park builder game encouraged to try to ON safety correct the interference by one or more of Should any objects or liquids fall into the following measures: the unit, disconnect the power supply Reorient or relocate the.
Minimum 10 cm (4 inches) distances energy and, if not installed and used in around the unit for accordance with the instructions, may ventilations.Operating distance of the remote control Always remove batteries as soon as is greatly reduced and you will need to they become weak.Location of Controls sound bar On Safety Should any objects or liquids fall into the unit, disconnect the power supply and have the unit checked by qualified personnel before any further operation.Placement The Soundbar can be placed freestanding on a table or mounted on a wall.Enjoy the music through Bluetooth Press to begin or pause playback Press / to select a specific track Press and hold / to start moving backward/forward at high speed.This equipment generates, accessed during intended use.AUX IN / level indicator.Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon-zinc) or rechargeable (nickel-cadmium) batteries.This apparatus complies with the Class B following two conditions: limits for radio noise emission set out in (1)This device may not cause harmful radio interference regulations.Thank you for your help!

Remote Sensor remote control.
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