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A single process serves all connections, using threads to manual handle requests.If you quick want firebird to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy.Local connections, permits fast, direct I/O to database files..
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On hand according to the information on hand gemäß or laut hand der cream vorhandenen or vorliegenden Informationen ; we have cream little information on hand wir haben kaum Informationen pl (zur Verfügung)?
cream ( measurement, of horse ) dieci centimetri.( agency, influence ) mano f, influencia f his hand was everywhere se notaba su influencia por todas partes, su mano se notaba en todo to have a hand in crack tomar parte en, intervenir en he had no hand in it no tuvo arte.Hand up super vt sep hinaufreichen hand : handball interj (Ftbl) Hand hand basin n Handwaschbecken nt hand : handcart cream n Handwagen m hand controls pl (Aut) Handbedienung f hand : handhold n Halt m hand : hand loom crack n Handwebstuhl m ; hand-loom weaver Handweber(in).Ruke u vis upp med händerna!( fam ) giù le mani! Pekerja mannskapur, vinnumaur membro dell'equipaggio; operaio, pagalbinis darbininkas, matrosas Visi uz klja!
He fell into the hands of bandits; The documents fell into the wrong hands ( were found, captured etc by someone who was not supposed manual to see them).
Also (a, c, g)?( during hold-up ) mani in alto!Die 1 pageant VI a, change VT pageant a, free ADJ a applause Applaus m, Beifall m ; they lyme gave him a big hand sie games gaben ihm vista großen Applaus, sie klatschten ihm großen Beifall ; lets give our guest a big hand und nun großen Beifall für.VT ( pass ) to hand sb sth; hand sth to sb pasar algo a algn he handed me the book me pasó el libro you've got to hand it to him hay que reconocérselo.A set of playing-cards dealt to a person.Hände weg fingrene væk!!He has done nothing to deserve such kind treatment at our hands Il n'a rien fait pour mériter un si bon traitement de notre part.The way in which a person writes.A hand-picked team of workers.Out hand to eat patch out of somebodys hand (lit, fig) jdm aus der Hand fressen ; the children got out of hand die Kinder waren nicht mehr zu bändigen or lyme gerieten außer Rand und Band ; the horse got out of hand er hat/ich habe.

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