Interview with a Master by Jason Luke Patricia loved this one!
I love when the characters get in way over their heads, but their hearts wont let them fully back out.
I have also read Bared to You and audi a6 service manual bentley Beautiful Disaster and this book was right up there!
And I read it years before 50 ever came out and I have always loved it!Its called 40 Shades of Pearl by Arianne Richmonde.Its cause in the UK they are titled per Sonjas list, but in the US, the publisher changed the title to this one.So instead of just sitting on the project, and thinking about it, Ive decided to get it started!No bdsm but still a great read.A much harder version of the bdsm lifestyle then what youll find in Fifty.Although you should know they are very difficult to read way too hardcore.Another series is the Men in Blue Series by Jayne Rylon.

Its a good steamy read with the alpha male thing hes younger than the heroine.
Well written, great character development and a interesting story to boot - sidenote from Maryse: I agree, good recommendation.
The author presents a different writing style, for sure (the heroines voice, the way she narrates the story, is not one we see often via this perspective but I was absolutely Taken.This is one of the steamiest (and most intense, emotionally speaking) books Ive read, and when things start coming together for these two, his Dom to her sub will rock your world.Check out my review of Mystery Man and Motorcycle Man.Marie Force just released her first erotic trilogy under the name orce.Fantastic series so far!Its a collection of short stories all set in a hotel and centred around/told by the protagonist Sophie.