At 46 grains it should be a safe charge.
3.250 /.0 gr / ft/s @2850 / pressure 40,200cup.
I don't want to blow up my rifle and my face by doing something stupid, yet I want to experiment with and shoot Cast Bullet Reloads.I have in my Reloading Manual collection now: Modern Reloading 2nd Ed by Richard LEE.In order to keep the costs down, I decided a while back to cast bullets from Wheel Weights and save a Butt-Load of money.There are better powders for sure, but the Sierra link shows what it's such a great cartridge- very forgiving and versatile across a wide range of powders from the fast to slow end of the "medium" range.Nos bt h380 /.o.l.NRA Endowment Member #, 02:52 PM Beartooth Regular Join Date: May 2006 Location: Wichita, KS Posts: 153 hummm you might want to check this link.Lyman's 49th lists os x crack wep H-380 for no less than 6 different bullets.In your case Hornady and Sierra.

Sharing of actual load recipe details is not "wrong" but you will be far wiser to find a documented load and work up from the minimum charge.
DoctorBill, pS - Where does the Reloading Data which appears in the various handbooks come from?
Thanks paul #, 06:47 PM, registered User, join Date: Feb 2012, location: baxter springs ks, posts: 18 150gr.
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I have a dozen Military Surplus Rifles - I am an Obsessive Compulsive MilSurp Rifle 'collector' who cannot control himself.Posts: 153, h-380 is a very good ball powder, I've used it in 22-250, 257 Roberts, 243 7-08, win, 35 Whelen._ NRA Endowment Member SCI Member #, 01:37 AM Beartooth Regular Join Date: Sep 2009 Location: Mooresville, IN Posts: 12,860 I would note that H380, when listed, is usually the slowest-burning powder on the list and even with compressed charges, is not going to deliver.It is listed in Speer #12 for 150 gr bullet weights, but way down the list for velocity.I know this is not one of them but Im sure everyone here knowes of what Im speaking of and also would like to avoid the same.It's a little on the slow side, but still perfectly suitable for the 308 Winchester.