Version.4.8 CLI server Changed response to unknown http method to 501 according to RFC.
Splashdown and recovery in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of southern California will follow the same day.
(Gustavo) Implemented feature requests: Implemented FR #52348, added new constant zend_multibyte to detect zend multibyte at runtime.
(Scott) Fixed bug #44703 (htmlspecialchars does not detect bad character set argument).
The entire test is less than two minutes long, with Dragon traveling over one mile in the first 20 seconds alone.(Derick) Fixed bug #48476 (cloning extended DateTime class without calling parent constr crashed PHP).(Dmitry) Fixed bug #28985 getTypes returning nothing world championship snooker 2004 pc game on complex wsdl).(Rob) Fixed bug #45956 (parse_ini_file does not return false with syntax errors in parsed file).Added icom ic-2000h service manual support for curlopt_FTP_response_timeout, curlopt_append, curlopt_dirlistonly, curlopt_NEW_directory_perms, curlopt_NEW_file_perms, curlopt_netrc_file, valor honda fit 2009 manual curlopt_pr", curlopt_krblevel, curlopt_maxfilesize, curlopt_FTP_account, curlopt_cookielist, curlopt_ignore_content_length, curlopt_connect_only, curlopt_localport, curlopt_localportrange, curlopt_SSL_sessionid_cache, curlopt_FTP_SSL_CCC, curlopt_http_content_decoding, curlopt_proxy_transfer_mode, curlopt_address_scope, curlopt_crlfile, curlopt_issuercert, curlopt_username, curlopt_password, curlopt_proxyusername, curlopt_proxypassword, curlopt_noproxy, curlopt_socks5_gssapi_NEC, curlopt_socks5_gssapi_service, curlopt_tftp_blksize, curlopt_SSH_knownhosts, curlopt_FTP_USE_pret, curlopt_mail_from, curlopt_mail_rcpt, curlopt_rtsp_client_cseq, curlopt_rtsp_server_cseq, curlopt_rtsp_session_ID, curlopt_rtsp_stream_URI, curlopt_rtsp_transport, curlopt_rtsp_request, curlopt_resolve, curlopt_accept_encoding.

Fixed bug #60879 (unserialize Does not invoke _wakeup on object).
With the company's Falcon family of rockets, SpaceX is working to create the world's safest human spaceflight system.
(Tony) Fixed bug #38427 unicode causes xml_parser to misbehave).
(Felipe) Fixed bug #53304 "print_decode does not handle lower-case hex digits).
(Felipe) Fixed bug #51435 (Missing ifdefs / logic bug in crypt code cause compile errors).(Rob) Fixed bug #38400 Use of com.(Ilia) Fixed bug #29085 (bad default include_path on Windows).Hex2bin raises E_warning for invalid hex string.(Mike Lively) Added support for dynamic access of static members using foo:myFunc.(Pierre) Added support for httpOnly flag for session extension and cookie setting functions.(virsacer at web dot de, Pierre) Fixed bug #55366 (keys lost when using substr_replace an array).(Dmitry) Fixed a possible resource destruction issues in shm_put_var.(Dmitry) Fixed bug #40236 (php -a function allocation eats memory).The second stage successfully delivered the Dragon spacecraft into its intended orbit.(CVE ) GD: Fixed bug #72227 (imagescale out-of-bounds read).