added support for sagem wireless router manual Optiarc DVD RW AD-7241S.01 looks like the Optiarc DVD RW AD-7240S support was already added in a previous release - added support for tsstcorpcddvdw TS-H653G SB00 - added support for tsstcorpDVD-RW TS-U633 added support for pioneer DVD-RW DVR-117F/217L.07 firmwares.
added support for pioneer DVD-RW DVR-112x.09/8.09 - no riplock patch yet - no writespeed display yet - verified support for lite-ON dvdrw LH-20A1S 9L02 - added support for philips dvdr1660P1.6 Quite old, but requested.
modified LG RPC2 Auto Reset patch to set change counter to 5 when it.
LG H50x/H55x - added patch for the H50/H55 flasher to allow flashing.bin files The patched flasher does not autostart flashing anymore, so the.bin firmware file can be selected.
added write support for tsstcorpcddvdw SH-S202 firmwares Thanks to alan1476 for the tests.added riplock patch for LG GSA-T40N - added riplock patch for LG GS21N - added GH20 - GE20 crossflash support - forgot to mention LG GE20LU10 support in previous release - added RPC1 patch for asus DRW-1612, DRW-1814, DRW-2014 firmwares - added support for.Itional support for Benq Panax chipset drives: - added support for benq DVD DC DW1670 - added support for sony DVD RW DRU-820A.0b (Benq DW1670 clone) - added support for atapi DVD DC 16X8X5 (Benq DW1670 OEM) - added crossflash option for DW1670 firmwares.This revives drives with all 5 changes done.Thanks to ArmoredGuns and lionwes for the tests.Thanks to C0deKing, gaz, k2g and _chef_ for further tests.enabled LG [email protected] crossflash - changed drive id display for some Renesas firmwares to contain real drive name and firmware date - added support for Buffalo pioneer DVD-RW DVR-112x/212.25 firmware and flasher, including RPC1 patch Thanks to PumaUK for the test.added support for sony DVD-RW AW-Q160S (untested) - fixed caught in the crack some incorrect 16x speed displays for Samsung TS-552 drives added support for pioneer DVR-111D.29, DVR-111.29 Thanks to PumaUK for the tests.fixed some incorrect speed displays for LG 4165/4167/H10 drives Thanks to C0deking, dodecahedron, PumaUK and zhadoom for the tests.This patch was tested on JJ11 and JL11 firmwares and should also work on H10A and H10L firmwares.enabled read speed patch for unknown benq 1650/1655 firmwares - fixed bug preventing -R overspeeds on LG H10 firmwares Thanks to galadhon for reporting the problem.added HL-DT-stdvd-RAM GSA-H55x.05 RPC1 patch Thanks to dirtbiker for the tests.

added [email protected] crossflash option for GSA-H42L drives Such a crossflash removes the Lightscribe feature as there is currently no way back because no H42L firmware is available.- added support for GSA-T11N A103 Current support is read only, looking for testers.
fixed RW speed display for Samsung SH-S20x firmwares Thanks to MrMoody for reporting the problem.
added support for benq DVD DD DW1650 bcic Thanks to Zachzi for the tests.Hitachi-LG data storage download drivers and firmwares links: (included, hitachi-LG data storage drivers hL-DT-ST GSA-H58N CD DVD HD-DVD BLU-RAY.added LG GSA-T21N support, including RPC2 autoreset patch No read speed patch yet.Thanks to Darth Boy for the hint.Pressed DL and -RW/RDL media should read.9x start, 16x max speed, which might be too fast.Box displays no drive name now if the crossflash patch has not been applied.added support for GSA-H30L Thanks to GumbyQc for the tests.Prdko odczytu cieek audio: xnizm podania pyty tacka Biosy dla LG GSA-H58N.03 - 2008/03/07 Recenzje w sieci 2008/02/02 Szukasz wicej informacji na temat LG GSA-H58N?added support for NEC NEC DVD_RW ND-3500AG2.1B firmwares, offering lossless swapping for R/-R/R9 media Thanks to pinto2 the oc episode 12 music for the tests.Fixed bug introduced in causing crash when loading files smaller 800k,.g.added checksum calculation for H5x firmwares to be compatible to the patched flasher - fixed write speed display - added lossless strategy swapping - enhanced riplock patch to be compatible with H55x.02 firmwares H50x patches are not tested yet on real drives.Bitset, RPC1 and flasher patches are available.