A malicious site could send potentially dangerous requests to my router!
This contains all the code that runs the routers various services.
Troy Hunt has an amazing post titled " no, you can't join my wifi network ".
This is where D-Link made a major error.April 14, 2015 by, small Office and Home Office (soho) wireless routers have terrible security.But it is somewhat sad that manufacturers just keep repurposing the same broken firmware. .Seems simple, compare string A to string B and ensure they match.The team from SourceSec grabbed the new firmware and began poking.Posted in Network Hacks, Security Hacks Tagged Alphanetworks, d-link, firmware, resco photo viewer 6.0 cracked SquashFS September 19, 2009 by Pelaca upgraded the RAM on his D-Link DIR-320 router from 32MB to 64MB.I've been taking routers for granted so far and just stuck with what worked all this while.Instead of being unique to each device and opaque to every other bit of data on the router, the WPS pin was simply generated (with a bit of math) from the MAC address.Posted in Security Hacks Tagged 802.11, bssid, d-link, mac, security, wifi, wireless, wps, WPS PIN October 14, 2013 by Heres one true hack ( Google cache link ) for our dear Hackaday readers.Home Network Administration Protocol (hnap) requests. .

The forums are thick with people complaining that their box not working after a failed upgrade attempt.
Making the CLI was super easy once I figured out the requests I need to send to the router.
Posted in, security Hacks, tagged c, d-link, disassembly, firmware, router, soho, strings, strstr, october 31, 2014 by, a router with WPS requires a PIN to allow other devices to connect, and this PIN should be unique to every router and not derived from other easily.So authentication can be bypassed, telnetd can be started, and voila: a root shell on D-Links most pyramid-shaped router.The WiFi password and trust, this got me thinking about trust.Some malicious site could be messing around with the router!Photo: fbz Posted in News, Security Hacks, Wireless Hacks Tagged d-link, default password, dns, firmware, malware, password, zlob.And press enter, cmd show all details about your WiFi profile including password.On a Saturday night, as Craig didnt have anything else to do, he decided to download the firmware of an old D-Link DIR-100 router (because who wouldnt?).However, while it's still valid, I could send the URL to anyone in the network and he'll be able to access the admin panel even without knowing the credentials.Then type netsh wlan connect name name of your WiFi name.not use the braces it is only for bracing the sentences.If one malicious user has the string xmlset_ roodkcab leoj28840ybtide as his browser user agent, no authentication is required to gain access to the router.The actual requests for releasing and renewing the dhcp lease don't require.Last year, zlob variants started logging into routers and changing their DNS settings.