Cazel Cazel is a Sand Giant that lurks the southern desert.
It begins with Tzudani, Emissary of Veeshan, in the Plane of Knowledge.
MU Online Top 100 - MU Online Private Servers, MU Online Info Vote 999 Out 702 27 Annihilus Diablo II Server Annihilus is a next generation private D2 Server, with features no other server will ever have.
Tales of Pirates Top 100 - Tales of Pirates Private Servers, Tales of Pirates Info Vote 1,296 Out 1,890 24 AirFlyFF Latino v15 Nuevo Servidor traducido para Latino America, GMs activos de habla Hispana.Destroy Commodus the Solar Construct 0/1 (Solteris).The phase difficulty, the chat box showing the entire raids achievement pops (more on this later if aiming for high ranked clears I would recommend creating a new chat tab in game which filters out all the extra information so this can be easier.2 Custom Instances, Dual Class, Soul System, custom overhead concrete crack repair Achievements, Monster Hunter, Soul System, over 300 custom headgears, Warper with Fields Dungeons, Buffer Healer.Te Esperamos En Nuestro Servidor!Kill Derakor the Vindicator 0/1 (Kael Drakkel).His lasting desire is to see every last Velious dragon crushed beneath a giants maul.For much of the year, it is not available.Mpog/mmorpg Top 100 - mpog/mmorpg Private Servers, mpog/mmorpg Info Vote 3,483 Out 1,539 14 Shining Moon RO Renewal 30/30/10.Kill Cazel 0/1 (South Ro kill Velketor the Sorcerer 0/1 (Velketor's Labyrinth).

We have the auction house, Tabbed Inv and a whole new 4th job class with new skills.
Red and blue colors will indicate Imperial and Republic factions respectively.
I would love to hear your ideas though as I want to maximise participation in the community.
Destroy the Avatar of War 0/1 (Kael Drakkel).If you have displayed everything required to claim the kill and of course havent blatantly exploited then I trust there wont be any dramas regarding validity.Commodus, Solar Construct The Solar Construct, one of Soluseks magma giants, stood guard over the Zenith Ring inside the Temple of Light and was ordered to prevent any from entering.Avalanche It is not possible for the Shades of Zek to hunt their kindred during the day, but they desire to keep those kindred from escaping the Serpents Spine Valley.Tzudani, Emissary of Veeshan says 'Excellent, _!Shop Items From Monsters!Lots of custom systems like: Max level cap 300, Custom Dungeons, Item Rarity, Glow system and other custom systems at your disposal.Currently the Shade King rules the crypt.DEX: 15 STA: 5 WIS: 10 INT: 10 HP: 100 mana: 100 endur: 100.