A preliminary study of validity and acceptability.
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In the meantime, avoidance of unnecessary burden provides yet another reason to select a questionnaire that as accurately as possible targets the issues of importance to the group you are working with.
Quality of Life Office.Put yourself in the shoes of the patients in your study and read through the questionnaire - will participants find the questions acceptable and be motivated to complete them?The exception is where a new short form questionnaire is being developed that is intended to match as closely as possible the properties of an original full length questionnaire.See the FDAs Guidance for Industry - Patient-Reported Outcome Measures: Use in Medical Product Development to Support Labeling Claims for a summary of validity and reliability in patient reported outcome measures.However, previous use even in a large number of studies is not in itself an indication that a given measure will be suitable for use in your research.European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer Study Group on Quality of Life.However, it is worth noting that HRQoL scores may tend to be higher when questionnaires are administered by an interviewer, at least in the case of facit and eortc QLQ.9 Electronic administration Paper and pencil administration is still the most common approach to HRQoL data.New York Presbyterian Hospital/Cornell Medical Center.A study of validity, reliability and acceptability.Should I use a general or disease-specific questionnaire?Single-item scales The ultimate antidote to lengthy questionnaires are scales that use a single, global rating (e.g.Within self-report, however, there are a range of options for administering questionnaires that may be preferable to the standard pen and paper self-completion method under certain circumstances.

Generic HRQoL questionnaires, generic questionnaires can be useful when: you want to compare the HRQoL of cancer patients with that of patients with other illnesses or with the HRQoL of people from the general population participants (e.g., long-term survivors) are leading fairly normal lives.
Journal of Clinical Oncology.
Quick answer, whenever possible, choose a questionnaire that has a proven track record in research that had objectives, samples and treatments similar to those in your own study.For example, analysis of participants responses to VAS questions about anxiety suggests that people may tend to think more in terms of high, middle and low rather than calibrating their responses very finely along a continuous scale.13 This study also demonstrated that the same scale.Some questionnaires (e.g., the SF-36 4) enable scores from a number of domains to be summarised within a smaller number of super-ordinate subscales.Will the answers they give mean the same thing as the answers given by the original sample?Assessing health status and quality-of-life instruments: Attributes and review criteria.Measuring psychological and physical distress in cancer patients: structure and application of the Rotterdam usb driver for memory card reader windows 7 Symptom Checklist.Measuring quality of life in health.Some of these questionnaires have been designed for use with people who have cancer of any type while others focus on cancer of specific types, specific modes of treatment, or specific clusters of symptoms.Scores on HRQoL instruments contain some random error and may also contain some bias, as well as a component which reflects the patients actual HRQoL.If you are including only participants with good spoken English in your study but suspect that many will come from culturally diverse backgrounds, it may be advisable to discuss questions with representatives from each group to check that likely interpretations will not differ in important.

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