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Electric drives and control lab manual

So smaller chip size is possible and the drives cost can be reduced.2.
Igbts are found in drives home appliances, electric cars and electricdigital stereo power amplifiers The insulated gate bipolar transistor or igbt is a control three terminal three-terminalpower semiconductor device, noted for high efficiency and fast switching.
Discontinuous conduction modeThe intensity for the load is annulled at a certain moment during the Toff period (time duringwhich the switch is opened).In a part of the cycle, the current is interrupted, that is, the conduction is ese two effects may be eliminated, as well as the reduction of the harmonic content, with theintroduction in parallel control with the load of a diode called Freewheeling Diode (FWD).Chopper is also known as dc-to-dc ere are basically two types of the chopper:.Electrical Drives Lab Session 05(a)NED University of Engineering and Technology Department of Electrical Engineering Figure: Uncontrolled Three Phase Full Wave Rectifier with R load Also measure the following quantities using multi-meter.In half wave manual rectifiers, diodeconducts only in half cycle of the input, otherwise om a theoretical point of view, they may be considered asswitches that are opened or closed depending on the direction of the voltage manual applied.Half wave rectification can be achieved with a single diode Half-wavein a one-phase supply, or with three diodes in a three-phase supply.Like the collector characteristic of the BJT, the mosfet drain characteristic usestwo voltages and the gate voltage to construct a series of characteristic curves for the device.And sample the following parameters: Input voltage V2, Output voltage V1, Thyristor voltage V3, Output current (load) I2 (as shown in figure) Figure: Controlled Half Wave Rectifier RL control Load Page.Electrical Drives Lab Session 07NED University of Engineering and Technology Department of Electrical Engineering Observe how the output current varies for different L values with R375. Electrical Drives Lab Session 08 (a)NED University of Engineering drives and Technology Department of Electrical Engineering Table: Three Phase Controlled Rectifier with Ideal SupplyCircuit Diagram: B6C ModelProcedure:.
Electrical Drives Lab Session 03 (b)NED University of Engineering and Technology Department of Electrical Engineering LAB session 3 (b)Object:AC/DC Single-phase Not-Controlled Full wave Rectifier with R load and R-L load.Electrical Drives Lab Session 04NED University of Engineering and Technology Department of Electrical Engineering LAB session 4Object:To study the effect of Free Wheeling diode on the output of single phase Not-controlled half-waverectifier.Electrical Drives Lab Session 08 (b)NED University of Engineering and Technology Department of Electrical EngineeringWaveforms: R load Fig: Input Voltage manual R, S, T Fig: Output Voltage across R Load Fig: Load Current IL Fig: Output Voltage across Thyristor R-L load Fig: Input Voltage R,.No Load Impedance V rms Thyristor Th.The igbt combines the simple gate drive characteristics of the gate-drivemosfets with the high current and low saturation voltage capability of bipolar electric transistors by high-current saturation-voltagecombining an isolated gate FET for the control input, and a bipolar manual power transistor as a switch, ina single device.It begins to electric act as a generator, forcing the conduction of the FWD control and the load currentgoing through it, annulling the peak of negative voltage, as we can see in the nsider the above figure which shows iron the assembly of Thyristor and Free Wheeling diode.There is a possibility of latch up due to the internal pnpn Thyristor structure.Figure:- Three Phase controlled full wave rectifier with resistive load a) Circuit connections with load b) load voltage and load current waveforms.Unlike the bipolar junction transistor (BJT the metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor (mosfet) manual is composed of a bulk substrate of metal oxideions, which form n- and p-charged regions in order to amplify analog voltages across a gure shows the basic of a mosfet.