2.6 no gba 2.8 emulator

PC-Engine: Ootake.49 January 21, 2011 Sony Playstation: PSXjin.1.4 beta svn r430 Sony Playstation: Xebra January 20, 2011 Game Boy Advance: VBA-ReRecording v24 r328 Sony Playstation: PSXjin.1.4 beta svn r406 Sony Playstation: pcsx Reloaded r62188 Sony Playstation: pcsx Reloaded r62214 Nintendo GameCube: Dolphin.
Snes: Mednafen x64, october 29, 2017, fixed WinUAE all versions.
0.119 Midway Wolf Unit System: mameuifx32.145 April 21, 2012 Capcom Play System 1-2: FBA Shuffle.2.5 120418 Capcom Play System 3: FBA Shuffle.2.5 120418 PolyGame Master: FBA Shuffle.2.5 120418 Sony Playstation: pcsx Reloaded r77475 Nintendo DS: DeSmuMe.9.9 r4256 Neogeo: FBA Shuffle.
Snes: Mednafen x64.9.48, sNES: Mednafen x64, sNES: Mednafen x64.9.43.
PC-Engine: Mednafen x64.21.1, may 1, 2018, sNES: Mednafen x64.21.1.It's easy to follow and I'm gonna try one of the beef recipes for lunch.0.119 Midway X Unit System: mameuifx32.145 Midway X Unit System: mameui32.145 Midway X Unit System: mame32 Plus!July 21, 2010 Nintendo DS: DeSmuMe r3721 snes: NeUSneM.1 July 20, 2010 PC-Engine: Ootake.45 Wonderswan Color: Cygne.1a Wonderswan Color: OswanJ r99 Nintendo DS: DeSmuMe r3717 July 17, 2010 Sega Genesis: Gens32 Surreal.87 beta Nintendo DS: DeSmuMe r3711 Nintendo DS: NeonDS.2.1.Exe.6 ZX Spectrum: Speccy.3 ZX Spectrum 128K: fuse.1.1 ZX Spectrum 128K: fuse ZX Spectrum 128K: fuse ZX Spectrum 128K: UnrealSpeccy.38.1 ZX Spectrum 128K: UnrealSpeccy.38 ZX Spectrum 128K: UnrealSpeccy.37.3 fix5 ZX Spectrum 128K: ZXSpin.7s February 2, 2015 Sony PlayStation.

NES: fceumm NES: fceux SVN r2232 PC-Engine: Ootake.61 September 20, 2011 NES: Nestopia Unofficial.42.0 September 19, 2011 Nintendo DS: DeSmuMe r4097 NES: Nintendulator.
NES: fceux SVN r2230 September 16, 2011 Nintendo DS: DeSmuMe r4094 September 15, 2011 Sega Dreamcast: NullDC.0.4 Optimized r139 Sega Dreamcast: NullDC.0.4 Optimized r137 Game Boy Advance: VBA-rr v23.5 SVN r410 Nintendo 64: 1964mod.4.5 beta v8 September 14, 2011 Game Boy Advance.
Nintendo DS: DeSmuMe r3910 DOS: DosBox r3669 January 18, 2011 Sony Playstation: PSXjin.1.4 beta svn r404 Nintendo GameCube: Dolphin SVN r6871 Nintendo DS: DeSmuMe r3909 NES: VirtualNES.0117 NES: Nintendulator.
Exe Game Boy Advance: VBA-ReRecording v23.5 Game Boy Advance: VBA-M.80 SVN r1014 Nintendo 64: Project64K7E (2nd Update - April 2011) Nintendo 64: Project64k.19 Nintendo DS: DeSmuMe r4000 Nintendo GameCube: Dolphin SVN r7506 Capcom Play System: FB Alpha Plus!
Amiga: WinUAE.1.0, amiga: WinUAE.0.0, may 26, 2018.Sony Playstation: pcsx Reloaded r62974 Sony Playstation: PSXjin.0 svn r596 Nintendo DS: DeSmuMe r3925 Nintendo DS: DeSmuMe r3924 Nintendo GameCube: Dolphin SVN r7093 Nintendo 64: 1964 UltraFast.0 February 6, 2011 Sony Playstation: PSXjin.0 svn r581 Sony Playstation: pcsx Reloaded r62943 Sony Playstation.Game Boy Advance: IDeaS Nintendo DS: IDeaS Nintendo GameCube: Dolphin SVN r6567 December 11, 2010 Sony Playstation: pcsx Reloaded r61069 Nintendo DS: DeSmuMe r3877 December 10, 2010 Game Boy Advance: VBA-rr r318 Game Boy Advance: VBA Collectors Edition.0 Sony Playstation: pcsx Reloaded r60768 December.Dieters should follow this last phase for the rest of their life to avoid regaining weight.New year, new you!0.119 May 21, 2012 Sega Genesis: Final Burn Alpha Sony Playstation: pcsx Reloaded r78188 Nintendo DS: DeSmuME.9.9 SVN r4285 Sega Master System: TwoMbit.0.3 DOS: DosBox r3780 May 20, 2012 NES: fceux SVN r2515 May 19, 2012 Capcom Play System 1-2: FBA Shuffle. Capcom Street Fighter: mame32 Plus!

NES: RockNes.06.1 (m2) NES: RockNes.06 (m2) NES: fceux SVN r2103 NES: RockNes.06.1 NES: RockNes.06 Sega Genesis: Gens Rewind.1 Sega Genesis: Gens-rr r296 Sega Master System: Gens Rewind.1 January 28, 2011 Sony Playstation: PSXjin.1.4 beta svn r525 PC-Engine: pcejin.
Tracer.12a snes: Snes9x SFX Tracer.43b2 Sega Genesis: DebuGens.25 February 9, 2013 Panasonic 3DO: FourDO SVN r370 EmuCR Panasonic 3DO: FourDO Nintendo Virtual Boy: Mednafen.9.28 WIP Neogeo Pocket Color: Mednafen.9.28 WIP Sega Master System: Mednafen.9.28 WIP Sega Master System: meka.