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2001 ford taurus workshop manual

2001 ford taurus workshop manual

Lower the rear of the front taurus subframe approximately 102 mm (4 manual inches).
Note: The washers on either side of the upper mount and manual seat-bearing assembly are unique and cannot be interchanged.
Recommended, teaching Techniques: Creating Effective Learning taurus Assessments.Using the special tools, press the halfshaft from the wheel bearing and hub.Remover, Steering Arm 211-003 (T64P-3590-F) Adapter for 211-S (T96P-3010-A1) Remover, Tie-Rod End 211-001 (tool-3290-D) or equivalent 2005 Ford Taurus SEL 2005 suspension Front Suspension - workshop Taurus Sable Microsoft Thursday, September 24, ford 2009 2:46:45 PM Page Mitchell Repair Information Company, LLC.Reassembly to make sure of correct retention of these parts.Do not press or draw the wheel hub and bearing into place.A new part workshop with the same part number must be installed if installation becomes necessary.Remove the nut and washers.Strut AND taurus spring assembly Removal and Installation warning: All vehicles are equipped with gas-pressurized front shock absorbers (18124) which will extend unassisted.Note: Hold the threaded rod while turning the nut.18: Disconnecting Tie-Rod End Courtesy of ford motor. Installation All vehicles caution: Use only the topaz appropriate album size aluminum rivets.
If the retainer is not tightened immediately, the nylon manual lock will set incorrectly, leading to incorrect torque readings and bearing failure.Do not use steel rivets.Note: Make sure crack the spring is correctly seated in both spring seats.Clean and inspect the knuckle manual bearing bore.Note: If necessary, lubricate the knuckle and bearing with rust inhibitor meeting Ford specification.17: Removing owners Cotter Pin And Nut singer Courtesy full of ford motor.If removed, install the dust shield.

Damage to the bearing can result.
Any front wheel hub retainer that is not immediately tightened to specification or is loosened must be removed and a new 2001 ford taurus workshop manual retainer installed.
Remove the cupped washer and the upper mount and seat-bearing assembly.