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2016 Annual Report Huawei Investment Holding., Ltd.
April 6, 2008, icera closes additional 40M funding (27 KB PDF) April 7, 2008 icera TO acquire sirific wireless FOR radio frequency (RF) cmos technology (25 KB PDF) May 2, 2008 icera announces livanto ICE8040 soft modem chipset FOR high performance mobile broadband devices (26.
Icera powers LG turbo USB hspa modem (353 KB PDF may 19, 2010, icera secures 45M financing TO accelerate growth (275 KB PDF).Icera AND rohde AND schwarz team UP ON LTE (285 KB PDF december 2, 2010, icera AND magma collaborate ON 28-NM high-performance, LOW-power flow TO accelerate turnaround time FOR next-generation soft modem chipsets (286 KB PDF).November 17, 2010, icera AND anite verify LTE conformance test cases with iceras LTE soft modem (363 KB PDF november 23, 2010.March 15, 2010, icera rolls OUT 21Mbps hspa AS software upgrade (273 KB PDF april 22, 2010.

Icera partners with teleca TO develop android RIL (radio interface layer) FOR icera smartphone platform (280 KB PDF november 11, 2010, icera powers bandrich 21Mbps hspa AND WI-FI pocket router (281 KB PDF).
M (24 September 2012). .
October 19, 2010, icera announces first 4G LTE / 3G / 2G multimode platform AND higher performance hspa platform (437 KB PDF october 28, 2010.
Icera launches iceclear technology TO triple hspa user data rates AND cell site capacity (273 KB PDF february 26, 2010, icera demos worlds first dual mode LTE / hspa soft modem (351 KB PDF).
May 25, 2010, iceclear interference-aware technology IN vodafone rsquo;S K3805-Z USB stick boosts mobile broadband reliability AND connection speeds FOR vodafone customers (369 KB PDF july 27, 2010.Icera powers bandrich 21Mbps hspa USB modem (282 KB PDF august 16, 2010, icera opens second china customer support centre IN xian (350 KB PDF).January 18, 2010, icera grows mobile broadband revenues code crack for friendblaster 8.0 IN 2009 (216 KB PDF january 20, 2010.Rogue employees).The HP hs2300 hsdpa Broadband Wireless Module is intended for use on the Cingular, Vodafone, and, vodafone partner networks.This driver enables dial-up functionality and provides a user interface for modem setup.Icera demos worlds first dual mode LTE / hspa soft.Modem (351 KB PDF).Vodafone rsquo;S K3805-Z USB stick boosts mobile broadband reliability AND connection speeds FOR.

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