hack for windows xp and crack activation

Let's suppose that you have a licensed copy of an Windows XP but lately you have it for several times.
The trick to bypass Windows XP product activation caught in the crack is the simplest and the most effective one.
If that is happening just repeat the step mentioned at the paragraph above (enter "C in IE browser URL bar).
Some interesting info here (before check this website alert ).
Hacking is not always an easy job, isn't it?Microsoft narrator" window should look like this: Microsoft Narrator - click the "Microsoft Web site" link.Note : for some reasons, windows keeps locking itself every 30-60 seconds so you won't be able to see the Desktop nor the task bar.Exe" and hit OK; that will open your IE browser; finally you can use it (see below).

If you are not using IE8 then that command should exploit a weakness of IE7 (or earlier) which in turn will "crash the Windows" in that way that it will load the Desktop, the task bar, everything.
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Yes, I have an invoice, in fact I have 10 invoices because it happens that I bought more copies than I'm using right now.
Windows activation reminder - 30 days left open Registry Editor (Start- Run then enter regedit and push OK button) open the registry key at the location NTCurrentVersionwpaevents edit the oobetimer key value and set its value to "ff d5 71 d6 8b 6a.In case that your default browser.Always looking to learn more about *nix world, about the fundamental concepts of math, physics, electronics.I will explain in details below.In fact you could run Start- All Programs - Activate Windows and you should get an response message like "Windows is already activated".I must state from the beginning that this article is not about cracking.