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Patching, to stand any chance of running Dungeon Keeper 2 on a modern PC we are going to need some patches.
Publisher: Electronic Arts, age Rating: 12, playability Status: Perfect.Now, use Windows Explorer/File Explorer to browse to your Dungeon Keeper 2 installation directory.Temple Sacrifice List (DK1) Fly Spider - Warlock Beetle Spider - Dark Mistress 3 Spiders - Bile Demon Bile Demon Dark Mistress Troll - Horned Reaper Imps - Reduces the cost to create more Imps.Dont want the hassle?We recommend using 4:3 resolutions such as or 16001200.The one that tells you to press F11 or F12 or something (sometimes when possessing a creature) totally doesn't work, neither does the one about pressing Numpad Enter at some point.Cheats that DO Work These are more Easter Eggs, to be honest with you.My game still wont work!Instead, set " coredynamic " instead.Btw if i remove those 3 files you mentioned in ur kung fu panda 2 crack chomikuj rmvb dubbing post, the game exits without crashing at all.See the "Saved Games" section below for this.Load up dosbox (I was using.72).

Chickens or Ghost - All chickens explode.
Windows will prompt you several times to confirm that files will be replaced, you must confirm this and replace the files.
It should start in your new custom screen resolution.
"Why are you doing this?" - Frankly we're struggling to make ends meet here especially since the site got more popular.
Now, before you edit any values, make sure that Base is set to Decimal and NOT Hexadecimal!I do wish 2 point out that trying ur suggestion did get rid of the black background on my retail cd version of dk2 so thats definately an improvement and i thought problem solved but then again i ran into the issues i mentioned above.Now, find a file called Autorun.Then, copy the whole keeper directory from the CD-ROM to that location on your hard drive.I haven't used it myself, but apparantly it works well.